News List Friday December 19, 2014
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  1. Namibian Parliament Passes Child Care Bill
  2. Ghana Considers Privatising State-Owned Power Distribution Company
  3. Google Maps Accused Of Wrong Depiction Of India's Boundaries
  4. Indonesian VP Urges Self-Sufficiency In Food
  5. 3 Dead, 14 Missing After Boat Capsizes Off East China Coast
  6. Nepal Airlines To Get Two New Airbus Planes Next Year
  7. India's Congress President Sonia Gandhi Hospitalised For Respiratory Tract Infection
  8. Probe Shows Ship Crew Errors Led To New Zealand Worst Environmental Disaster
  9. Madagascar Keen To Open Embassy In Indonesia
  10. Mexico Vigilante Leader Says Police Unit Not Involved In Deadly Clash
  11. Australia Opens Lebanon Livestock Trade
  12. Japan Unveils World's First Piano System Using Eye Movement
  13. Visitors To Japan Forecast To Reach 15 Million Next Year
  14. China To Build Seven Million Affordable Homes In 2015
  15. Winston Churchill's Paintings Sold In London
  16. Asia-Pacific Disaster-Related Deaths Rise Three-Fold In Last Decade
  17. Police Conduct More Anti-Terror Raids In Sydney
  18. Hanoi To Display Fireworks In 30 Venues On Lunar New Year' Eve
  19. Obama Signs Bill Targeting Venezuelan Officials

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