News List Friday November 28, 2014
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  1. Russia Sends 30 Planeloads Of Relief Aid To Syria In Last 18 Months
  2. Have Zero Tolerance For Violence, Argentina's Soccer Clubs Told
  3. Antigua Health Minister Suspects Sabotage Of Equipment At Main Hospital
  4. East African Legislative Adopts Motion To Suspend Its Speaker
  5. Azerbaijani Headscarf Joins UN Intangible Cultural Heritage List
  6. Mainland, Taiwan Hold Talks On Cross-strait Travel
  7. Thailand To Boost Strategic Partnership With Vietnam
  8. Hungarian President In Hanoi For Official Visit
  9. Poll: 72 Per Cent Of Indians Happy With New Government
  10. India Plans Tourist Circuit Tracing 7th Century Chinese Scholar's Travels
  11. 11 Killed In South West China Coal Mine Explosion
  12. Vietnam Gets Us$22 Million For Poverty Alleviation From IFAD
  13. Switzerland Gives Nepal Us$17 Millon To Support Bridge Construction
  14. Japanese Researchers Fix Mutated Gene That Causes Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  15. ADB Pledges US$61 Million For Water Supply, Sanitation Infrastructure In Nepal
  16. China's Lottery Sales Top US$5 Billion In October
  17. Over 700 Businesses Joining Online Shopping Day In Vietnam
  18. Scotland Introduces New Government Plans For Coming Year
  19. Canada Announces Donation Of Non-lethal Military Equipment To Ukraine
  20. Peruvian Police Seize US$1 Million In Fake Bills
  21. Adult Smoking Rate Hits 50-year Low In US

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