News List Wednesday October 1, 2014
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  1. Tesco Signs Up For CIMB's Plug n Pay Service
  2. Signavio's New Partnership With itelligence
  3. Jabra, Partner To Ensure Right Pricing Strategy With Introduction Of GST
  4. Johor Government To Create More Kitchen Cabinet Specialists
  5. Government To Foot Half Of CHSL Highway Cost
  6. Malindo Aims To Fly 2.25 Million Passengers By Year-End
  7. Broad Money Grows 4.8 Per Cent In August
  8. Bursa Malaysia Closed Easier
  9. MyCC Imposes Financial Penalty On Confection, Bakery Products Producers For Price Fixing
  10. FOREX: Ringgit Closes Flat Against US Dollar
  11. Star 360 Group Attracts Strategic Investors, Secures Two New Distributorships
  12. JobStreet Promises No Retrenchment
  13. Most Employers Prefer Accountants With Professional Qualifications
  14. Kuala Lumpur To Host ISI Regional Statictics Conference
  15. GST Raises National Income, Says Lee
  16. Thai Rubber Sector Set To Face Tough Time Ahead
  17. Domino's Pizza Opens First Outlet In Terengganu
  18. iPhone 6 Gets Nod To Access China Market
  19. Danajamin Partners CGIF To Develop Local Capital Market
  20. The Arrow Data Tactical ETF Listed At The Nasdaq Stock Market
  21. Easy Taxi Unveils Reward Plan For Taxi Drivers
  22. Tan & Tan, MJR Investment To Develop Serviced Apartments With RM617 Million GDV
  23. Sime Darby Aborts Deal To Buy Kulim's Shares In NBPOL
  24. Umw-Go Takes Delivery Of New Jack-up Drilling Rig
  25. Sumimoto's Unit Invests RM15.6 Million To Set Up E-commerce Platform
  26. Sumimoto's Unit Invests RM15.6 Million To Set Up E-Commerce Platform
  27. European SME's In Malaysia To Benefit From New EUMCCI Web Portal
  28. Gold Futures Lower At Mid-Day
  29. KLCI Futures Remain Higher At Mid-Day
  30. Malaysia's Reserves Remain Usable And Unencumbered, Says BNM
  31. BURSA MALAYSIA: Shares Remain Mixed At Mid-Day
  32. Incoming Buying Mission At MOGSEC 2014 Records Sales Of RM722 Million
  33. Bursa Malaysia Reprimands And Fines Dealer's Rep For Trading Misconduct
  34. Japan's Imperial Hotel To Open Singapore Sales Office Tomorrow
  35. Allstone Hopes For GST Tolerance And Affordable Housing
  36. HSBC Malaysia Wins Best Domestic Cash Management 2014 Award
  37. Commercial Banks Step-Up Vigilance In Relation To ATM Heists
  38. Australia In US Talks To Speed Up TPP Agreement
  39. KLCI Futures Open Higher
  40. BURSA MALAYSIA: KL Shares Higher In Early Session
  41. Gold Futures Open Lower On Mild Demand
  42. KLIBOR Futures Untraded In Early Session
  43. FOREX: Ringgit Opens Higher Against US Dollar
  44. Boeing, Air China Celebrate Airline's First 747-8 Intercontinental

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